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Providing knowledge, Insightful, Callaborative guidance to stretegic philanthropy
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Through continuously building trusted relationships, Laily Pirbhai, MFA-P™ enables individuals & families, businesses and foundations, and their primary wealth advisors discover philanthropic issues they deeply care about, unearth the motivations and values that inform these passions, and find effective ways to navigate the social sector.

Laily Pirbhai


“Laily’s ability to build deep trust in donor relationships is one of many reasons for her years of success as VP Donor Relations at the Calgary Foundation, where I witnessed her work while a member of the Board. She never lost sight of what was in the best interests of donors and their families as she guided them through their philanthropic decisions. She was able to draw on her own strong technical knowledge, her years of experience, her collaboration with allied professionals and her compassionate wisdom to help donors fulfill their desires to make a difference.”

-Bev Foy, FCPA FCA/retired partner, Collins Barrow Calgary LLP.

"Laily has demonstrated resolute enthusiasm and expertise in her chosen field of philanthropy. In addition, she has maintained a steady commitment to advance her skills in the surrounding areas of tax, financial planning, insurance, and estate planning, to bolster her delivery of advice related to planned giving. Lastly, Laily remains a steward of knowledge, as she embraces the younger generation of professionals and never hesitates to pass on those skills learned over time."

- Taylor Amonson, Vice President Unbiased Financial Services Inc., Calgary.

“Laily is extremely knowledgeable in the field of philanthropy. She understands the various rules and regulations, but also understands the importance of making contributions work for all parties. She is entrepreneurial in her approach and is great at donor relations. She is definitely someone I reach out to when I have questions about philanthropy, corporate social responsibility, and fundraising."

- Leann Hackman-Carty, Chief Executive Officer, Economic Developers Alberta

“Laily is a skilled relationship builder with an eye to changing society through philanthropy. In her role as VP of Gifts and Donor Relations at Calgary Foundation, she elevated the impact that Calgary Foundation makes in the community. She did this through the cultivation of partnerships and collaboration with donors, professional advisors, and community leaders. The Calgary Foundation has been forever changed for the better through Laily’s stewardship and dedication.”

- Dale Ens, Principal Blaeberry Estate Planning Inc.

“Laily is an energetic and passionate professional who demonstrates a great commitment to the City of Calgary and its diverse communities. A person who embraces each person's unique qualities and passions, Laily places the needs of others ahead of her own. A thoughtful and supportive person, it is a privilege to know Laily."

-Christopher Harper, Management Consultant | Senior Director, Digital Transformation








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